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Bathing Safety and Aging in Place: Options for Seniors!

Posted Apr 20th 2010

Premier Bathrooms Walk-In Bathtubs and options for Bathing Safety

Bathing safety and independence is vitally important to everyone. Whether you're concerned about slipping, falling in the bathtub or have a need for hydrotherapy for aches and pains. Many times you may feel that you need assistance while bathing or you spend hours maneuvering to make sure you're safe while in the tub.

This is a dilemma that some individuals are faced with every day. There are other affordable options for you from Walk-In bathtub companies such as Premier Bathrooms, including remodeling your home, Walk-In bathtubs and power bathtubs. Many of the Walk-In bathtubs come with additional health benefits and features including hydrotherapy, oversized tubs and hand held shower units for additional independence and ease of use.

Premier Bathrooms Walk-In Bathtubs

Premier Bathrooms is the largest supplier and manufacturer of Walk-In bathtubs in the US and Canada. If you are considering the option of purchasing a Walk-In bathtub, they are the most well known and respected to invest in your health and future. Have you heard of Karen Grassle from Little House on the Prairie? She endorses Premier Bathrooms and you can find her in their advertisements in Magazines such as AARP Magazine and on TV commercials.

Premier Bathrooms Bathtub Options

Premier Bathrooms offers 8 Walk-In bathtub and power bathtub models to choose from. Their styles include oversize Walk-In bathtubs, compact Walk-In bathtubs and power bathtubs. Just recently they have launched a new line of Walk-In shower products. The two models of Walk-In showers are the Inspire and The Refresh both featuring ultra low, barrier free entry and dual shower heads.

Home Remodeling for Aging in Place

Rather than relocate to a place that adheres to your safety, why not create safe place in your home by home remodeling for aging in place? It is an option that many people have taken in order to secure a safe and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their homes. Some ways to remodel your home include installing ramps on the doors to inside your home, elevators, power lifts on your stairs and installing Walk-In bathtubs and Walk-In shower products.

Whatever you decide to do in order to age in place, make sure you research the companies and make sound decisions in order to secure your safe, independent and fulfilling future in the comfort of your home!

* The Inspire is now known as the Transform and the Refresh as the Vigorate.