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Exclusive PremShield Technology: Engineered by Specialty Bathing Experts of Premier Care in Bathing

Posted Aug 1st 2013

South Daytona, FL- July 29, 2013: Premier Care in Bathing, the largest supplier of Walk-In Baths and Easy Access Showers, is proud to showcase the unique PremShield™ Technology. As Premier continues to deliver on their promise of quality workmanship and superior service, PremShield is simply another feature which allows customers to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Incorporated into the composition of all four models of Premier's Easy Access Showers, this technology offers antimicrobial lifetime protection. Built into the gel coat of the shower walls, PremShield will not wear and wash away, ensuring a clean and bacteria- free bathing environment. While many people are familiar with the term antibacterial, antimicrobial differs in that it prevents mildew and mold from growing in the first place, not merely fighting it once it's surfaced. Premier Care in Bathing is proud to be the original specialty bathing company to have been commended by the Arthritis Foundation, as well as having the most extensive line of Walk-In Baths and Easy Access Showers to have earned this prestigious award. Premier Care's Easy Access Showers prove to have functionally beyond what meets the eye with the revolutionary integration of PremShield.

Premier Care in Bathing has extensive Installation and Service Benefits that accompany the purchase of each Easy Access Shower. Highly trained and respectful installers provide full service in the transformation of the bathroom, from hauling away the old bathtub, to installing the new Easy Access Shower. With careful consideration to detail and readiness to gain the trust and satisfaction of the customer, Premier is ready to change the lives of senior who once thought independence was a distant memory.

Through thousands of installations and over 30 years of experience and listening to our valued customers, we've continued to refine and improve our product along the way, says Iain Whyte, group CEO, A Premier Care in Bathing product with professional installation is a wise investment and a valuable addition to the safety and comfort of your home.

About Premier Care in Bathing

For over 30 years, Premier Care in Bathing has been a world leader transforming the lives of individuals with a range of needs. Premier Care in Bathing is a one-stop shop for customers withspecialty bathing needs as the manufacturer, selling baths and showers to consumers, providing installation services and servicing the baths and showers. Premier Care is the first bath company to receive commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and actively supports AMVETS. Headquartered in South Daytona, FL, Premier Care can be found on the World Wide Web by visiting www.PremierCareBathing.com