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Premier Care In Bathing Donates Holiday Comfort And Safety For Family In Need

Posted Dec 2nd 2010

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - December 2010: Premier Care in Bathing, the largest supplier and manufacturer of Walk-In bathtubs and easy access showers, found a way to give back to those in need this Holiday Season by donating a full bathroom transformation for one family in dire need.

Eighty year old Katrina De Priest-Johnson and her daughter Sylvia De Priest-Dark were completely amazed two days before Christmas to find Premier Care In Bathing had answered their prayers.

Sylvia had previously written to Premier Care in Bathing, asking for help. She described the heartbreaking scene of watching her mother have to bathe at the sink because she could not get into and out of a regular bath. Both Sylvia and her mother are severe sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. Both cannot use regular baths because of their disabilities but have little or no money to afford their own safe walk-in bathtub.

Premier Care honored their request and was on hand two days before Christmas to announce they would supply and install at no cost a new Premier Care walk-in bath for their use as a holiday gift to them.

"It is a huge blessing for my mom and I, it is the best Christmas gift I have ever had." said an emotional Sylvia Dark.

The story was featured on the local news in a segment called "Positively Richmond."