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Premier Care in Bathing Earns Arthritis Friendly Product Endorsement

Posted Dec 2nd 2011

Living with arthritis can make day-to-day tasks achingly difficult. If you have arthritis, it is important to find every day products that can help you reduce the effects wherever possible. Arthritis Friendly Products help make challenging everyday tasks less difficult while also protecting stressed and painful arthritic joints.

The Arthritis Society started the Arthritis Friendly Products program to encourage manufacturers to design their products and packaging to be easy to use, comfortable and effective for their users. In order for a product to be deemed 'Arthritis Friendly', it must first undergo an application and review process. Manufacturers submit their product(s) for testing to an independent lab, Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation, who are experienced in testing the design and evaluating products for people with functional limitations due to the effects of arthritis.

Following the review, a report outlining the results is provided to The Arthritis Society. A "favourable review" indicates that the product(s) have received positive ratings on all criteria and appear to be easy to use by people with arthritis. Upon receiving a favourable review, the manufacturer of the product is eligible to apply for participation as a partner in The Arthritis Society's 'Arthritis Friendly'program. Once accepted, the partners are approved to use an "Arthritis Friendly" logo on these products.

Premier Care in Bathing is the most recent manufacturer to have earned the Arthritis Friendly endorsement from The Arthritis Society. As the largest manufacturer of Walk-In Baths and Easy Access Showers in the world, they have transformed thousands of bathroomsto aid in people regaining and retaining their independence. Premier Care in Bathing pays special attention to the unique needs of those living with arthritis and offers products to make bathing difficulties a thing of the past.

One satisfied user states, "I originally purchased this bathtub for the safety factor and because I missed relaxing in a bubble bath. However, since its installation I realize that the hydrotherapy feature is the most important to me now. It has given me new energy and improved wellness, both of which I would not put a price on."

When on the hunt for Arthritis Friendly Products, look for products marked with the arthritis-friendly logo. This logo helps identify products that have been designed for people living with arthritis, with comfort and effectiveness in mind.

To learn more about Arthritis Friendly Products and see a list of approved products, visit our web page.

This Article was taken from Arthritis Society's eNewsletter Impact