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Frequently asked questions and answers about Premier Care in Bathing™

Cost Related / Finance Questions

Yes, we do! To receive the latest information regarding the many discounts and rebates offered, please call 1-800-690-3834. Our representatives would be happy to help you understand just how affordable a Walk-In Bath or Walk-In Shower can be. Also, these promotions will be saved to your profile that our qualified bathing consultant will have on hand when visiting your home.

Unfortunately no, but we do have financing options with approved credit available to you. During your in-home consultation, your consultant will review an array of options with you at the appointment.

Because tax laws vary from state to state, we recommend that you should consult with your tax professional regarding the tax implications of this matter.

With over 30 different product variations and options, coupled with unique installation requirements and customization, you can see how prices can vary by customer. We need to assess your safety and mobility concerns to determine which tub or shower suits your particular needs. Because everyone's needs and space limitations are different, we offer a complimentary home consultation with one of our qualified bathing consultants.

Initial Product / Brand Familiarity Questions

You can request a free brochure by calling us directly at 1-800-690-3834 or completing the request form on our contact page. This will allow you to receive a catalog brochure which features each of our product models for both shower and bath solutions. Should you like to receive further insight, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of a courtesy in-home visit from one of our bathing consultants, at a time which works into your busy schedule. We are eager to help you every step of the way.

Our friendly and helpful staff would love to answer any questions as you look over our wide product range and customizable options.

Corporate Locations

Product Navigation / Features Questions

With our large product selection, we're sure to have the perfect solution to meet your needs! While viewing our Tub/Shower combinations or Barrier Free Showers, you may be interested in taking advantage of our interactive Product Navigator tool. Also, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation with our trained professionals, who will be more than happy to guide you through our extensive product line and help you select the solution which is perfect for you.

Request a Free Consultation

Certainly! In fact, this is one of the features our customers love the most, as highlighted in our Sanctuary, Haven, and Laguna Shower/Walk-In Tub combos. The handheld shower wand comes complete with an adjustable shower head that can easily be moved to the ideal height for each bather. It can also be mounted on an adjustable wall-mounted riser rail. You can set it to the perfect height for your needs.

Premier Care's door locking system utilizes a twin cam locking mechanism to ensure a watertight seal on both inward swinging and outward swing doors. Also, we are so confident in our anti-leaking door seal, it's guaranteed for life!

Yes, we can customize as far as grab bar placement, shower hardware placement, and shower seat placement. Our installers can customize the tub surround with knee walls and or infill panels to ensure the complete installation looks professional.

Yes, we do! Our Heated Seat and backrest is one of our customers' favorite add-on benefits, and provides even more comfort and luxury for your bathing experience. Our Heated Seat and backrest warms the seat prior to bathing, which will carry through your entire bathing experience and features dual electronic channels to ensure an even and consistent temperature across the seating area. Equipped with an auto-shut off component, you can rest assured the highest levels of safety are maintained before, during, and after your tub is in use.

Purchase Related Questions

With the largest selection of Walk-In Baths in the industry, Premier Care is the first choice when choosing a Walk-In Bath to meet your needs. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your bathroom and the dimensions of your existing tub. For very small bathrooms, we recommend the Cove or Oasis models. For those needing extra room while bathing, the Laguna is the perfect match to those needs. However, always remember a qualified bathing consultant is just a phone call away, and a convenient in-home consultation offers the exact guidance you need to select the bath that's right for you in every way.

First, one of our qualified bathing consultants will come to your home free of charge to evaluate your current bathroom and determine which tub or shower is the best fit for you. We'll draft a contract for you on the spot based on your product selection and purchase. This ensures a smooth transition into obtaining the proper permits (if necessary) and scheduling your installation. With the aid of your sales representative, placing an order for your new Premier Care bathing solution is easy and worry-free.

After your purchase is finalized, our dedicated service team will coordinate a time for the installation that works best for you. After that, we handle the rest! Our experienced professionals will coordinate the shipping of the tub to your home and acquiring any permits, if necessary. Our experienced installation professionals will then handle the removal of your old bath or shower and carefully fit your new Premier Care tub or shower carefully and thoroughly.

Therapy Related Questions

The safety provided by our Walk-In Tubs is an investment in you and your spouse's future and independence that ensures peace of mind for years to come. You'll be able to stay in your home longer by bathing safely and with dignity. Designed with a slip resistant seat and fixtures commended by the Arthritis Foundation for their ease-of-use, our Walk-In Baths are the perfect solution for those who may have a fear of slipping and falling. Also, our exclusive Hydrovescent® Therapy can soothe away aches and pains by the gentle massage of tiny bubbles.

External hydrotherapy is powerful and has many beneficial effects. Hydrotherapy treatments create circulation in the tub. The gentle pressure from the circulating water can further enhance the bathing experience. External hydrotherapy is a simple yet effective treatment option that you can enjoy at home. Premier Care is proud to improve upon this therapeutic benefit with our Hydrovescent® Therapy, in which we circulate air rather than water through gentle jets, producing tiny champagne-like bubbles to ease aches and pains as you relax in our Walk-In Bath.

Premier's Spa Series Tubs incorporate a specialized type of hydrotherapy that lends a gentle touch to the bathing experience. Our Spa Series Tubs distinguish themselves by using clean air jets. Premier Care's Hydrovescent® Therapy circulates clean, fresh air bubbles through the duration of the spa cycle to ensure the highest levels of hygiene are maintained.

With the added benefits of Hydrovescent® Therapy, you can turn your Premier Care Walk-In Bath into a rejuvenating spa. Our exclusive Spa Series also offers various sensory therapies such as the calming effects of Chromatherapy, soothing Aromatherapy, and relaxing Foot Massage Therapy. These features are integrated into the very design of the tub, and are commended by the Arthritis Foundation for their Ease-Of-Use. You can choose to integrate these features individually, or opt for the Spa Series package as a whole.

Experience total rejuvenation as most of our Walk-In Tubs allow you to soak in levels twice as deep as a traditional bath, plus our Hydrovescent® Therapy will enhance your bathing experience. You can even opt for our highest level of spa experience by including Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy into your tub. Engaging all five senses, our Spa Series Walk-In Tubs provide the relaxation and wellness you desire.

Warranty / Maintenance Related Questions

Our Premier Care Promise comes backed with the experience we have stood behind for the last 30 years as a leader in our industry. With a lifetime warranty on the door seal against leakage, and a 10 year warranty on the bath frame and shell construction, you can see how the quality and workmanship which characterizes our products speaks for itself.

Please call our toll-free service number 1-800-254-0615. The directory will direct you to the proper person by area code.

There is really no more maintenance than what one would see on a regular tub. Care must be given to keep the door seal clean and free of debris. To clean your bathing unit, you may with any nonabrasive cleaner, such as Scrubbing Bubbles or The Works.