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Premier Care Walk-In Tub Reviews

Hear what our customers are saying about their Premier Care Walk-In Tubs and Showers.

More Customer Testimonials

Sorry I've taken so long to write about our tub.

We had the Plymouth installed in October 2009. We haven't used the hydrotherapy as much as we would like to but when we do we can feel a much relaxed body. It has helped my husband and sister-in-law circulation. They are both diabetics. My husband has had a nerve release done on his one leg and he says that he can feel less pain when he uses the hydrotherapy.

We like how easy it is to get in and out. No more losing our balance getting out of the tub. All of us like the sitting down while we are showering. We are glad to say so far we haven't had any trouble with our tub.

The Sipes

December 2001 my wife decided not to call you for a Premier bathtub. I was looking to call you myself but went with her decision. On May 9th, 2002 my wife had an accident in the bathtub and died. (Slipped, fell and drowned).

I'm writing you to let you know that if we were to have had your tub in our bathroom, my wife would still be alive today.

So, after ordering the bathtub and having it installed within days I am very comfortable with the safety it brings. I can get in and out with no problems. Take a bath or shower in total safety, and not to mention the hydrotherapy. It's a body soothing every time I use it.

Thanks for the great work.

Myron Schlenz

Gary has recently installed a new bathroom for me. I would just like you to know how thrilled we are with it all and Gary was an excellent worker, very obliging and a nice person to have around.

Thanking You

Satisfied Customer

Mr Jose Cruz, Jr, did a fine job of presenting your product to Marlene and me and a week or so later, Mr Kimble installed our "Sanctuary" (formerly "Plymouth" tub for us.)

Although he encountered the previously constructed "step-up" of solid cement/cinderblocking covered by tiles, he did a wonderful job of blending the tub into existing wall and floor tile.

Collin Kimble is a fine representative of your organization in all respects. Not only is his craftsmanship superb, but he possesses a pleasing personality not always displayed by other craftsmen in dealing with the public.

We have found your product to be outstanding and recommend it highly for the elderly and/or infirm who find access to more conventional tubs to be physically difficult.

All in all, congratulations to you for a fine team from start to finish.

Ted & Marlene Arthurs, Miramar Beach, FL

I've had fibromyalgia for twenty-some years. It is a pain syndrome that goes from the back of your neck all the way down to your feet, and there's no cure for it right now. My fibromyalgia makes it painful to sleep, but taking a warm bath before I go to bed soothes my aches and really helps me relax. I can fall asleep so much faster now.

C. Bias Bethesda, MD

After our 58th Wedding anniversary my husband Charlie and I decided to invest in a Walk-in bath. Premier Bathrooms excellent workers put it in and the installation looks beautiful and looks as though it has always been there.

With the very first use, we were delighted with the care and comfort the bath afforded us. How wonderful to be able to sit in warm water again and not worry about getting out of the tub. The hydrotherapy is a big plus in helping our blood circulation.

T and C Lasker, Florida

I really like my new walk-in tub. My old tub was cast iron, but it was extremely slick! Several times I almost fell. I have back issues also, so a couple times I needed help getting out of the tub.

No Problem Now!

Even though the tubs are very expensive, one trip to the hospital would justify the cost.

MaryAnne Bollenbacher, OH

We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the work of Dan Breton. He installed our Walk-In Bath and tiled the bathroom walls. Mr. Breton was professional and competent in his job. He worked very hard and he was a very enjoyable worker to have in our home.

We are enjoying our Walk-In Bath very much and it is a very attractive addition to our bathroom.

Michael Roberge who sold us our Walk-In Bath is a wonderful person and did an excellent job and was there to answer all our questions. He kept in contact with us while the job was being done. He is a credit to your company. We thank you for all your services.


Alton and Marjorie Moore, Kennebunkport, ME

I just wanted to let you gentlemen know about the overall positive experience I had dealing with your organization.

My first contact was with Rose. No question went unanswered....I was never spoken "down" to......was always treated with courtesy and professionalism; as the all-important first contact, it was all positive.

Next contact was with Mike in Sales. As with Rose, Mike was professional, courteous, ready (and very able) to answer any and all questions regarding the product. I found Mike very easy to deal with on all levels.

Lastly, yesterday Bob & Stu were here to do the installation. Not enough accolades for these two gentlemen. Like many people, I do not generally do well with in-the-home disruptions; these men made this transition easy. They were here when they said they would be, got right to work and other than asking me a couple preliminary questions, allowed me to "have a normal day".

After the installation was done (much sooner than expected), Bob took his time explaining everything about the equipment and how it works. Once again, an overall positive experience. (as an added positive for these two men, after they took the picture of me in the tub before starting the work, they refused the monetary offer(s) my neighbor made them for the purchase of this picture....I've known (and dearly loved) this man for 50+ years, however, not a doubt in my mind he would have put the picture in our local paper if I hadn't paid him bribery money.) The way they dealt with him gave us all many laughs....

The tub itself is even nicer than expected. Other than all the positive aspects (especially the hydro-therapy), it gave me about a foot of added space I didn't expect.....THAT is definitely a plus.

I worked in sales/customer svc at several levels (including mgmt) for 40+ years and know that no matter how good the product is, most if not all of the luster can be removed from a product by poor service....I can assure you the above individuals greatly enhanced the shine of an excellent product.

Thank you for having these professionals on your staffs.

Sue Fairbairn

I am writing to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Premier tub. I have had Osteo arthritis for years which made taking a bath impossible. Now I take three or four baths a week and enjoy every minute of them.

Thank you for your great product.

Barbara D'Elia, NY

Our new tub has helped make our lives easier for us. The whirlpool has helped take lots of aches and pains away. It is like being on vacation all the time without all the travel.

The best part is the safety of getting in and out of the bathtub. The tub has given back dignity to my husband, who has had a mild stroke, and was unable to get in the old tub without a lot of help.

The peace of mind of knowing he is now able to get in and out of the tub by himself has made our lives easier.

Thank you so much Premier Bathrooms.

Sheila and Roger

This letter is to tell you how much we are enjoying our bathtub.

Everyone has a bathtub in their homes but as aging takes place in our lives, we find it difficult to get out of a regular tub. We find this tub ideal at our ages. Get in close & lock door, fill with water and start the hydro-therapy and enjoy. Remember to pull plug & let water out before unlocking door and then step out revived.

Carol Ney, Washington

In regards to our new Premier Bath that was installed just a little while ago, we just love it! We wish we would have had it installed sooner. Both my husband and I appreciate the ease by which we are able to enter and exit the tub. The hydrotherapy soothes our muscles and serves to relax my husband who suffers from Parkinson's disease.

Thank you for the speedy and very professional installation of your excellent product.

K & E Schuetz, Indiana

I have a very tiny bathroom, so I chose the compact Walk-In Bathtub. I can get into it, sit down and reach the close end of the tub. The installers did an excellent job and I'm pleased with how well everything has worked out.

R. Lybryer South River, NJ

This is the best decision I have ever made. All my aches and pains are gone, not one anymore. I am doing it every other day. My skin doctor gave me some medicine to use in the tub and my skin is improving to! It is unbelievable, I can't explain how beneficial and wonderful this has made me. Thanks to the installers and thanks to Rose in install and Nick in sales for top notch customer service and everything else. Your company and your employees are classy all the way. I should have done this sooner! If I had a way of advertising this myself, I would. THERE IS NO WAY TO PROVE THE BENEFITS OF THIS TUB, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!

Catherine Gattuso, NJ