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Why a Walk-In Tub?

Posted on November 30th, 2015

Your whole life, bathing has been an effortless, refreshing experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. As you get older and moving around isn't as easy as it used to be, the best way to preserve a secure and enjoyable bathing experience is with a walk-in bathtub designed to let you easily and safely step in and out of your tub without having to worry about slipping or falling.

Consider the many benefits of walk in tubs and how they can make bathing safe while helping you maintain your independence.

Ease of Use

Walk-in bathtubs make entering your tub and bathing simple and easy. No need to fret over your every move in order to get in or out of the bath. You simply pull the easy-open door, step in, close the door, and take a seat. Many walk-in tubs feature extra wide, low level entryways; this means no climbing over the side of the tub and fumbling around with a shower chair. Getting out of the tub once you're done is also a lot easier without having to hoist a leg over the edge of a conventional tub.

Enhanced Safety in the Bathroom

Climbing over the side of a traditional tub in order to get in and out to bathe carries a lot of risk if you have trouble holding yourself up. Moreover, the interior of many such standard baths can be dangerously slippery. With the many additional safety features walk-in tubs offer, there's a decreased risk of slips and falls. Sturdy, easy-to-grip grab bars provide you extra support when entering and exiting the tub, while slip-resistant bench seats and floor surfaces ensure no amount of soapy water leads to a fall.

Independent Bathing

Walk-in baths foster an independent, safe bathing environment with less of the trepidation, inconvenience, and burden to others a conventional bathtub presents to seniors with diminished mobility. If you are unable to stand for extended periods of time, traditional bathing without assistance becomes problematic, tiring, and even dangerous. Whether you want to enjoy a replenishing shower using a handheld shower wand or choose to luxuriate in a long, soothing soak, a walk in tub allows you to do so with greater independence.

Ultra-Comfortable Bathing

With the use of a walk-in tub, your bathroom experience can remain a private, comfortable one. Along with easy access, many walk in tubs offer deep-soaking capabilities, unlike traditional bathtubs that tend to give you limited, shallow water capacity. This improves mobility within the tub and allows you to easily submerge most of your body, safely soothing those aches and pains.

Many seniors choose a walk-in bathtub to enjoy the freedom of safer, independent bathing. Combined with the comfort and convenience many designs offer, a walk-in tub can be a welcome means to staying clean and healthy in your own home for years to come.

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