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Helping You Care for those You Love

Experience the most rewarding parts of caregiving by helping your loved ones enjoy part of their daily routine independently and comfortably.

At Premier Care in Bathing™, we understand that, as a caregiver, your priority is to help those you care for, whether it is a family member, loved one or patient, enjoy life to the fullest. We work to ensure your peace of mind while providing those you care for with the safe bathing solutions they need to be independent, comfortable and confident in the bathroom.

Because our products are specifically made to address the physical needs of seniors and persons with limited mobility, they can allow for even better caregiving by facilitating transfers without excessive lifting and easing safety concerns in the bathroom. With limited mobility bathroom design elements like grab bars, slip-resistant floors and seats and anti-scald water controls, amongst many other safety features, Premier Care in Bathing strives to make your passion for caregiving even more rewarding.

Safe bathing solutions for caregivers include:

Slip-resistant floors and seats in both our Walk-In Tubs and Showers allow your loved ones to bathe independently without the fear of slips and falls.

Temperature-controlled water and anti-scald features give you peace of mind while those you care for enjoy a comfortable, warm bath or shower.

Walk-In Shower and Tub combos provide the comfort of a bathtub with the flexibility of a shower for a functional and accessible bathing experience.

Experience Peace of Mind with Safe Bathing Solutions You Can Trust

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