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Discover Your Independence with the Momentum Handicap Bath

With power-assisted technology built in to your Momentum Handicap Tub, you can experience the freedom and self-confidence in a private, independent bath.

In addition to a comfortable, slip-resistant seat that moves up and down to immerse you in water, the Momentum's Handicap Bathtub‘s lift chair swivels at the press of a button for completely independent bathing at home.

The Momentum Handicap Bathtub can also function as a shower for seniors and persons with mobility restrictions, with a handheld showerhead offering even more flexibility for bathers with physical limitations.

Handheld, waterproof remote controls the power lift chair with the push of a button for maximum safety, comfort and convenience while taking an independent bath at home.

Slip-resistant power chair and optional leg rest let you sit or transfer from your wheelchair at a comfortable height, then swivel into and out of the tub for added safety.

Adjustable showerhead and wall-mounted riser rails can be positioned at the ideal height for each bather, making the Momentum a highly flexible option for power assisted bathing.

Two convenient sizes to choose from ensure the Momentum Handicap Bathtub fits within your home‘s bathroom.

Enjoy an Independent Bath with Ease

Say goodbye to the worry of slips and falls in the bathtub—the Momentum Handicap Tub transforms your bathing experience into a fully accessible, comfortable and, most importantly safe part of your day-to-day life.

  • Handicap-accessible bathtub ideal for people with disabilities
  • Contoured
  • Power seat swivels
  • Built-in handheld shower provides added flexibility when bathing
  • Temperature-controlled hot water prevents scalding and burns on sensitive or mature skin
  • Extended length lets you enjoy a comfortable
  • Hydrovescent® Therapy option gently massages away aches and pains

Give Your Independence the Momentum to Thrive

Contact Premier Care in Bathing™ today to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation with a qualified Bathing Consultant. An experienced professional will visit your house to go over all of your physical and mobility needs, and help you determine if the Momentum Handicap Bathtub is the right choice for you.

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